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Proposal of a Model for the Choice of a Holiday Destination – The Case of Algerian Couples (Published)

Generally, the behavior analysis of couples is not easy. Also, many researchers agree that the purchasing behavior of a small group, like a couple, is characterized by a complex collective decision-making process. Moreover, it is difficult to enter the nuclear family and anticipate the behavior of the two spouses. In the same way, one may say that the factors that influence their choices and decisions evolve and their expectations and attitudes are constantly changing, which makes a certain number of marketing tools obsolete. As a result, travel agencies are required to seek to understand the process of choosing a vacation destination within couples in order to make the right communication decisions. This study focuses on the decision-making process of a couple in choosing a tourist destination. It is particularly aimed at evaluating the couple’s different behavioral (cognitive / affective / conative) approaches in order to better understand the extremely complex rational and irrational aspects of the husband-wife dyad.

Keywords: Couple decision-making process; Attitude; Holiday destination