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Impact of National Fadama 111 Development Project Financing On the Socio-Economic Growth of Ebonyi State in Nigeria. (Published)

One of the major problems confronting Nigeria today is how to improve the quality of life in the rural areas, reduce the level of poverty and contribute to economic growth through Fadama 111 Development Project. The aim of this study is to investigate the impact of National Fadama Development Project Financing on the socio-economic growth of Ebonyi State using contents analysis and descriptive survey. It was discovered that counterpart contribution by Ebonyi State government has significant effect on socio-economic development of Ebonyi State and that there is long run correlation between counterpart contribution by Local Government Areas of Ebonyi State and socio-economic development of the state. We concluded that introducing the principles of comparative advantage, by the provision of credit facilities to the comparative group in Ebonyi State, only for those businesses that earned them the highest income should be encouraged.

Keywords: Counterpart, Fadama, Financing, Income, economic growth