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The Effectiveness of Counseling Group Program for Prevention of Mental Retardation among Students of Counseling and Special Education at Ajloun National University/Jordan (Published)

The study aimed to identify the effectiveness of counseling group program for prevention of mental Retardation among students of Counseling and Special education at Ajloun National University ,and to achieve that, it was chosen a sample consisted of (42)students from counseling and special education at the 2 nd year. The sample divided  into two groups: the control group consists of (21) and the experimental group consists of (21). It was used the counseling group program that contains identifying Mental Retardation, its causes and the ways of prevention, it was used a scale of  (pre-test, post-test ) &( the mental retardation exam) that consists of (11) items that measure the skills of identifying Mental Retardation, its causes and the ways of prevention, it was used (T. test) and ANCOVA at the statistical treatment, and the results showed:

  • the effectiveness of the program of prevention from mental retardation at the experimental group without the control group.
  • There were statistically significant differences at ( α≤ 0.05)in favor to females at the (post – exam) scale of prevention from mental retardation. 

 There were statistically significant differences  at ( α≤ 0.05) in favor to special education at the (post – exam ) scale of prevention from mental retardation

Keywords: Ajloun National University, Jordan, Mental Retardation, Special Education, Students, counseling

The Relationship Between the Capabilities of School Management and Teacher’s Performance Guiding and Counseling at Government Senior High School in Medan Academic Year 2015/2016 (Published)

This study aims to determine the relationship between principal management capabilities with the performance of guidance and counseling teachers in SMA NEGERI Medan. The formulation of the problem in this study is any relationship between the principal’s management capability with the performance of guidance and counseling teachers of State Senior High School Medan City 2015/2016 academic year. This type of research is a correlation research which is one part of the ex facto research because the researchers do not manipulate the state of a variable that is reflected in the correlation coefficient. Researchers do not treat the research variables but examine the facts that have occurred based on the perceptions of teachers guidance and counseling facts were excavated using a questionnaire containing the number of questions that reflect teachers’ perceptions of guidance and counseling on the ability of school principals. The results of research using descriptive and correlation methods. The relationship between one variable with several variables is expressed by the amount of correlation coefficient and significance (significant) statistically. This study has two variables, namely the principal’s management capability as X variable and teacher guidance and counseling performance as variable Y. Results indicated that the implementation of the principal’s management capability in SMA was disseminated 3.45. The results of the study provide answers that teachers guidance and counseling in the State Senior High School of Medan has a high performance / well indicated by the average answer questionnaire distributed 3.20. Result of calculation of correlation coefficient price between variable of headmaster’s management ability (X) With teacher performance guidance and counseling variable (Y) equal to 0,8597 show very positive relationship. From result of hypothesis test with t-test calculation show t count t table or 14,346 2,086 which answer the hypothesis of this research that is: “there is positive and significant correlation between managerial capability of headmaster with guidance counselor and counseling performance at SMA NEGERI Medan.

Keywords: Education, School Management, Teacher’s Performance, counseling

The Effectiveness of Sociodrama Techniques in Improving Self-Concept and Self-Efficacy on Students Sma Negeri 2 Bantul (Published)

The purpose of this research was to know the effectiveness of sociodrama technique in improving self concept and self efficacy of student in SMA Negeri 2 Bantul. This research type is experiment. The design used in this research was pre-test and post-test design. The subjects in this study were 27 students of class XI IPA 2. The instrument in this research was self concept scale called TSCS consisting of 84 item statements and self efficacy scale consisting of 26 item statement. Technique of data analysis in this research used t tests formula for significance level 0.05. The results showed that sociodrama technique was effective to improve self concept and self efficacy of students. Self concept and self efficacy of students increased in the “high” category. There was a difference in the end result of pre-test and post-test after obtaining group guidance of sosiodrama technique with p (p-value) or sig> 0.05, then H0 was accepted.

Keywords: : Experiment, Guidance, Self-Concept, Self-Efficacy, Sociodrama, counseling

Coaching As a Managerial Tool within the Framework of Human Resources Management (Published)

The current trend in human resource management underlines the main role of a leader in motivating employees and helping them develop in the respective skills and talents. Researches and studies in the field of human resource management and organizational culture have indicated that effective and successful leaders are those who are exceptional motivators and coaches. In this paper the researcher defines coaching, identifies its skills, techniques, tools, objectives in addition to the major differences and similarities with other approaches such as counselling and mentoring.

Keywords: Coaching, Training, counseling

ICT-Assisted Career Guidance: A Case Study in a Public Schools in Beirut, Lebanon (Published)

This study investigated the impact of using ICT in delivering a career guidance program in one public high school in Beirut, Lebanon. The sample consisted of Grade 11 students (N=106) from all sections of this grade level. Students at this school often received the same career guidance program consisting of 14 hours during their tenth grade and then their eleventh grade. The ICT-assisted career guidance intervention program was conducted after students covered 6 hours of their regular career guidance program during their eleventh grade and it extended over 6 hours itself. Pre- and post-tests were administered to students and data was analyzed using SPSS 21.0 for windows. An independent sample t-test was carried to compare the means showing significant impact of the ICT-assisted intervention program on students. Limitations and recommendations are provided at the end of the study.

Keywords: Career Guidance, ICT, School Improvement, counseling, counselor


This study investigated counseling for conducive environment in Southern Educational Zone in Cross River State, Nigeria. To achieve the purpose, two hypotheses were formulated to direct the study. Survey research design was adopted with a sample of 100 school counselors and 300 students randomly selected. The selection was done through simple random sampling technique. The counselor/student opinion questionnaire was the instrument used for the data collection. The reliability of the instrument was established through the split-half method of Spearman Brown Prophecy formula and Pearson Product Moment Correlation Analysis was employed to test the hypotheses under study. The result of the analysis revealed that the school counselor and counseling facilities are significantly related with conducive environment for counseling. Based on the findings, it was recommended that adequate facilities as well as trained and devoted counselors be provided in all secondary schools in the study area.

Keywords: Environment, conducive, counseling, counselor, facilities, schools