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The Metalanguage of Corruption in Cameroon- Part I1: The Registers of Health, Judiciary and Finance (Published)

Across the world, corruption has become almost endemic in many countries. Although very few people admit to be involved in it, no continent is exempted from the ill practice. This paper, which is the second of a series of two, examines the coded language used to ask for / give bribe in three sectors in Cameroon. Health, judiciary and finance, which are the domains concerned, count among the most corrupt sectors of the country according to the National Anti Corruption Commission 2010 Report. The data analysed was obtained through questionnaires administered to some state agents of the three domains (N=150). Like in the previous sectors already studied (Safotso 2015), the findings reveal that, in addition to the general coded expressions used to ask for / give bribe in all the administrations in Cameroon, there are many specialised words and expressions that Cameroonians use in Cameroon English, Cameroon Pidgin English and Cameroon French when they indulge in corrupt practices in the sectors of health, judiciary and finance

Keywords: Bribery, Coded Language, Corrupt, Finance, Health, Judiciary