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Corporate Social Responsibility in the Sustenance of Peace and Development in Rivers State: The Case of Umuechem Community in Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria (Published)

The paper x-rays the interplay of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and peace on the overall development of Nigeria, using, of course, insights from the Niger Delta Region. The social disorder, youth restiveness, aggression and destructive agitations experienced in the Umuechem Community in recent times have their roots in environmental degradation suffered by the people and pitiably, the companies therein are not doing enough to cushion the effects of these degradations. Some shun their social responsibilities to the people and their society, leading to sharp reactions of destruction by the people especially the youth. The paper argues that under a tense atmosphere of anarchy, business cannot thrive and this has a direct implication for development. In such a situation, infrastructures are destroyed, businesses close down, foreigners and even nationals are afraid and skeptical, and above all, there is climate of insecurity and fear, as a result, the nation’s development efforts are threatened. It is therefore the position of this paper that there is the need for organizations to undertake activities that significantly support the improvement and enhancement of the living standard of the people. Therefore, corporate organizations as they operate in society should embrace social responsibilities, for their worth and benefits derivable there from. The paper concludes that strategically investing in corporate social responsibility will maximize profits while satisfying the demands from multiple stakeholders and by so doing will usher in a climate of peace and order not only necessary for the healthy operations of the business but also for the overall development of the country.

Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility; Peace; Stakeholder; Corporate Governance; Restiveness; Development