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The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Image on Saving Intention Mediated By Brand Prestige At Bank Aceh Syariah Area Banda Aceh In Student Faculty Of Economics And Business University Syiah Kuala (Published)

This study aims to examine the effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Image on Saving Intensity mediated by Brand Prestige at Bank Aceh Syariah Banda Aceh. Respondents in the study were male and female students studying at Faculty of Economics and Business Unsyiah who is the Customer and Non-Customer of Bank Aceh Sharia Banda Aceh. Research method used questionnaire as research instrument. The questionnaires were analyzed as many as 185 questionnaires. The sampling technique used is probability sampling, and the type used is stratified random sampling. Corporate Social Responsibility Image have positive effect to Brand Prestige, Brand Prestige have positive effect to saving intention. In this research the mediation variable is Brand Prestige, that is partially mediate in this research.

Keywords: Brand Prestige, Corporate Image, Corporate Social Responsibility Image, Saving Intention

Corporate Image of Ghanaian Universities (Published)

The objectives of the study were to establish: (i) The relationship between perceived service quality and corporate image of Ghanaian universities. (ii) The relationship between corporate image and perceived service quality, students’ service quality expectation and experience. Corporate image as a function of the three (3) latent variables of the study framework was evaluated using 15 item scale. The five main latent variables that measure the corporate image of tertiary institutions in Ghana include employment opportunities, referrals, lecturers’ reputation, academic and research records, and physical facilities. These variables were initially piloted on   some randomly selected MBA students of Methodist University. The pilot study revealed that these variables were relevant to the operationalization of the corporate image concept. The analysed data was randomly collected from 500 students from five different universities in Ghana. The Pearson r was used as the statistical tool to test for the linear relationship between perceived service quality and corporate image of Ghanaian universities. This was found appropriate because of its parametric strength in data analysis. The result shows that the linear relationship between students’ perceived service quality and the image of a university is strong and significant (P<0.004). However, none of the three variables could significantly explain the corporate image of a Ghanaian University independently. In other words, corporate image of a Ghanaian University could be defined by the combined effect of perceived service quality, students’ expectations and experiences of service quality.

Keywords: Corporate Image, Ghanaian Universities., Perceived Service Quality, Students’ Expectations, Students’ Experience

Predictive Indicators of Customer Loyalty in the Nigerian GSM Market (Published)

This study focuses on the predictive indicators of customer loyalty among GSM users in the South-Eastern Nigeria. Most of the studies on customer loyalty in the Nigerian GSM market are alien to South-Eastern Nigeria. The main objective of this study is to empirically inquire the factors that influence customer loyalty in the Nigerian GSM market. The study adopted survey research design and the population of study is the mobile phone users in Anambra State. Quota sampling method was employed while the sample size was determined using survey systems formula. Questionnaire was employed as the research instrument and the reliability test was achieved using split-half method. Factor analysis was used for data reduction and multiple regressions were employed to test the hypotheses. The findings revealed that trust, customer satisfaction, corporate image, service quality, network coverage have significant effect on customer loyalty with customer satisfaction as the strongest predictor of customer loyalty in the Nigerian GSM market. In addition, prompt customer service was seen to have no significant effect on customer loyalty. It was recommended that GSM service providers should focus more on customer satisfaction, trust, corporate image, service quality, and network coverage in order to build sustainable relationship with their customers as to become very competitive. Also, attention should be paid on providing quality customer care service elements.

Keywords: Corporate Image, Customer Satisfaction, Customer loyalty, Customer trust, Service Quality, Switching Barrier


This research study looked at analyzing the antecedents of customer loyalty namely; corporate image, customer satisfaction, and service quality. Based on the review of the previous literature, the research hypotheses were drawn. Questionnaires were designed and distributed to the tourists’ residents of the five stars hotels in Egypt. Findings revealed a positive relationship between corporate image and customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and service quality and customer loyalty. It’s suggested that future research may be extended to other sectors and domains within Egypt.

Keywords: Corporate Image, Customer Satisfaction, Customer loyalty, Service Quality