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This study aimed to investigate the microbial content and aflatoxin in the chips manufactured from corn samples which is available in the city of Baghdad markets , 15 samples of chips manufactured from corn were collected to assess microbial content and the content of aflatoxin. The results showed that the total number of bacteria in most species, the highest number for bacteria 30× 105cfu/g in the brand Buffies while the lowest number of bacteria 4× 105cfu/g in Baraaem , but (Doritos , Pufak and Bad bain) were empty from bacteria.The results also showed the increase in the number of Staph. bacteria in samples, the highest number reached 18× 105cfu/g in Karameesh brand and 17× 105cfu/g in Zena , the lowest number of these bacteria appeared in Tarabish reached to 3× 105cfu/g , while other types (Doritos ,Pufak and Bad bain) were empty from these bacteria. The results show that Puffies brand contain the highest number of the number of Coliform bacteria reached 20× 105cfu/g , and the lowest number in trade brand Sanfori , Karameesh , Baraaem, while (Doritos ,Pufak and Bad bain) were empty from it. also the number of Yeasts and molds increase , Karameesh contains the highest number of them 26× 105cfu/g , while the lowest number was in Baraaem 2× 105cfu/g , and (Doritos ,Pufak and Bad bain) were empty from yeasts and molds. The results showed the presence of aflatoxin B1 in the types of chips studied and reached his highest concentration 1.64 PPM in brand Zena and less focus.154 PPM in brand Pop Corn while other types (Doritos ,Pufak and Bad bain)were empty from it.The aflatoxin B2 has been found in only five types (Bob corn, Baraaem, Crown, Happy, Puffies) reached the highest concentration of 0.43 PPM in Bob corn brand and less concentration of 0.13 PPM in Baraaem brand while other types were empty from it

Keywords: Aflatoxin., Corn chips, Microbial contamination