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An Analysis on the Effective Factors on Success Rural Production Cooperatives in Iran, The Case Study – Ardabil Province (Published)

This paper aims to investigate the factors affecting success of rural production cooperatives in the province of Ardabil. The population of this research contains all active companies in the province of Ardabil that their numbers are 1615 cases, statistic sample is 173, 521 people were selected studied. Examples of the towns to fit the volume of statistical community each of the towns to estimate the whole society. The research tool questionnaire is made by researcher achieved Face validity asked by the panel of experts. Study in the region was same to statistical community with the number of 30 questionnaire and business with data and the use of the special formula Alpha in SPSS software, reliability questionnaire 0/84 research obtained to analyze the data, and on the other hand, the measure of success of rural production cooperatives factor analysis model used and the results of the model shows the most important factors affecting success in rural areas, including four components (strengthening social capital and external environment reablation , cognitive capacities enhance of numbers , improving the management of the and health factors working environment and strengthen economic foundations) that variance and cumulative variance sums planned by these four factors is 71/19.

Keywords: Agriculture Development, Ardebil Province, Cooperatives Production Success, Iran, Rural Development