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The strategies and functions of the United Nations organization and Internal Law in order to support Cultural heritage (Published)

This study was an attempt to examine the support of ownership, transfer and restitution of Cultural heritage according to the international and internal laws in Iran. Cultural heritage is a compound word. Heritage is defined that something is inherited and culture is knowledge and wisdom. Cultural heritage indicates all remain of national monuments from the past and also indicates the human’s life in the history.  Cultural heritage can be categorized into two groups; the first one is mundane cultural heritage for instance ancient monuments and spiritual cultural heritage includes customs, music and song. Many conventions were approved in the international law level that the membered country must observe the approved rules of the cultural heritage. This study aimed to provide practical solutions to support cultural properties. The study was a qualitative research and collected data from books, papers and internet sources. The findings of the study revealed that different rules and conventions were approved according to international and internal laws, but they are not sufficient in order to protect cultural properties. Import and export of cultural heritage are considered as a crime and the criminals will be prosecuted by judicature. Moreover, intensive conventions and laws should be approved and all governments are convinced to meet international and internal laws in order to protect cultural legacy and prevent demolition of it.

Keywords: Cultural Heritage, Ownership, conventions, international and internal laws, restitution

New Technological Solutions for a more Effective Implementation of Copyrights and Intellectual Property (Published)

In this paper the authors propose the implementation of the new technological solutions based on knowledge bases, ontologies and semantic web for a simple monitoring of ncessary knowledge related to copyrights and intellectual property. The proposed concept is mostly related to copyrights in Bosnia and Hercegovina because its legal basis is mostly used but with the more quality updating of the necessary knowledge it can be very easily used in the European Union. The author’s idea is to suggest a new concept of the implementation of the knowledge base in one very important area related to copyrights which are especially important with the increasing use of Internet and the increase of piracy. Updating of the part of the necessary knowledge we have conducted in Protégé-OWL editor which is recommended by the W3C consortium. We consider that this paper can contribute to the growing development and the application of the semantic web

Keywords: conventions, copyrights, intellectual property, knowledge base, legal base