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Consumer Contract, Rights and Obligations (Published)

Contractual obligations of an international character are facing many challenges that I will address in this scientific paper in the international view of private entities and the obstacles that appear in the legislation between countries. This paper aims to investigate whether it may create concerns about national legal gaps or eventual problems as a result of differences in the international contract of European Union member countries and non-member countries;If there are problems and legal or real difficulties in this area, if the internal trade and the legal system functions, the interpreter of their difficult treaty between the parties when entering into the contract international or interstate obligations; The case of the contract, interpretation, rights and obligations or other legal issues related to the implementation of private international lawand private EU. The challenges of the international private line should be seen in the field of contract harmonization that may come into existence at European level and beyond as an obstacle that limits the fundamental and legal rights of private citizens and the rights of the individual’s benefit. This consists of three parts as; Personal relations between citizens, property relations with persons of authority as titular property and the procedural right for the protection of personal rights and property of subjective character in practice face more difficulties in international private law.

Keywords: Common International Trade, Consensual Contracts, Contracts, European Union Law, Obligations.