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Tagore – Born Romantic – In the Eyes of the Psychologist (Published)

Romantics are as much made as born, It was echoed in Tagore’s voice, ‘ I am a born romantic ‘ . But they can not be assessed solely in psychological terms and they need the right environment …. ‘As for the right environment – it seems to have been an unfavorable one’. (Clarke, 1962). Indeed the earlier stressful life-events worked as a set, which sometimes released or directed the poet’s creative energies. It is on record that events in Tagore’s life have provided him and stimulated him with an urge for creation.Methodology was followed by content and dynamic analysis In the present phase, the life event stress occurring during the year immediately previous to the composition of the poem under study has been studied . The version of life-event scale entitled as ‘An Anglo-American comparison of the scaling of life-events’ was used in case of Western Poets where as ‘Bengali Version’ adapted by Sarkar, S (1990) was used in case of eastern poets.  Tagore has shown the free and unfettered expression of personality, ‘selfless creativity’ through his creation. The poet has explored the area of darkness which Jung has called ‘shadow’.  There is a constant struggle in human psyche between light and darkness, dynamically between superego and id. Enlightenment rose suddenly and spontaneously not from above but came up from darkness. As in Indian philosophy, Yajnavalka has said, when visible lights are extinguished, one find the ‘light of self’.

Keywords: Content and Dynamic Analysis, Literature, Psychology, Rabindranath Tagore