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The Potentials of Electronic Libraries (E-Libraries) in Knowledge Management in Contemporary Libraries in Nigeria (Published)

This essay discusses e-library services and knowledge management and its application in the contemporary library. It is further broken down into the definitions and concepts of e-library and knowledge management, their respective roles in the libraries, role of the librarian, the inherent problems and challenges faced in using the e-library and some strategies and recommendations in which the problems can be tackled. Traditionally, libraries used to process, store, preserve and disseminate information and information sources through the traditional form of library use, but the application of computers and knowledge management has brought a change to the way librarians and the library operations are been carried out. Introduction of e-services and knowledge management in the library has made it very easy for the end user to access information, and also for the librarian to be able to source information to his users. With e-services in the library, one can easily have access to library resources without visiting the library.

Keywords: Contemporary Library, Electronic Library, Knowledge Management, Nigeria