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“Tickets, Please”: Female Aggressiveness and the Notion of “Consummation” In D. H. Lawrence’s Fiction (Published)

Tickets, Please” is considered as one of the most aggressive tales of D.H.Lawrence as here the writer delineates for the first time a team of women literally invested with the role of avengers: they conspire against a man, attack him and force him to commit himself to marry one of them.  Initially it seems that the main theme of the story evolves around the cruel punishment of the man which is to meet these women as nature red in tooth and claw coming face to face with female aggressiveness which threatens him even with death. However, the present article aspires to show how this ostensible punishment might also reveal other aspects of the authorial intention related to the writer’s convictions and beliefs concerning the concept of the real connection between the two sexes, what Lawrence calls “consummation.” It also attempts to explore processes, like that of mythicization, which Lawrence applies when delineating his heroines.

Keywords: Feminine, Jung., Male, Unconscious., consummation, mythicization