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Consumer Law and Challenging Business Environment (Published)

Consumer Law defines the parameter that helps to protect the consumers from unfair practices of sellers. In this regards, the law attempts to protect the consumers from unfair pricing and delivery of low quality products. Every country has a governing body the helps to protect the public by actively monitoring and evaluating the sellers’ activities. However, during the transition of saving the consumers, the law creates challenges for the businesses. It is evident from the research and its findings that consumer law affects a business in conflicting ways. A business needs to reform its operational practices as well as the pricing structure to ensure delivering superior quality products for an economical as well as competitive price. Adhering to consumer law practices, however, increases the costs of the business that creates multiple challenges in successful execution of the company’s strategic implications. Moreover, consumer law puts certain restrictions on business activities that adversely affect the business’s ability to market its products effectively.

Keywords: Consumer Law, Consumer Protection, Fair Trade Act, Gross margin, Marketing Restrictions, Price Equality, Profitability, marginal productivity


Consumer protection is becoming a world agenda in this era of globalisation and trade liberalisation. Globalisation and trade liberalisation promotes free trade activities in every part of the world. Consumer as a party to the trading activity contributes significantly to this activity and becomes a major contributor to the economy through this activity. However, consumer needs to be protected so that trading activities will benefit both the consumer and the economy. Health is becoming one of the major issues faced by the consumer in Malaysia. Globalisation and trade liberalisation resulted in free entry of pharmaceutical products from abroad without restriction. This phenomenon will bring a negative effect on consumer in Malaysia if the products are counterfeit. Thus, consumer needs to be protected in facing globalisation and trade liberalisation. Based on doctrinal research and by applying content analysis method, this paper will review the protection conferred by the Health Institution in protecting the consumer in Malaysia. The Malaysian Ministry of Health will be reviewed to examine their role in upholding consumer protection with regards to pharmaceutical counterfeit in Malaysia.

Keywords: Consumer Protection, Health Institution, Ministry Of Health, Pharmaceutical Counterfeit