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Scale Development for the Decision Making Styles of Iranian Youth (Published)

The purpose of this article is to investigate the divergent approaches of Iranian couples towards purchasing activities. A questionnaire comprising 55 items was distributed among 400 couples in shopping centers in order to examine their Decision Making Styles. Analyses conducted included scale reliabilities and validities, as well as EFA and CFA were utilized. Seven Decision Making Styles among Iranian couples associated with their shopping patterns were perceived. The findings indicated that Decision Making Styles are culture- specific phenomena and differ among nations. While generally supportive of the CSI, the findings require more validation. The results can be employed to help enhance the effectiveness of marketers’ and sociologists’ strategies. The present research strives to clarify the Decision Making Styles of couples so as to provide marketers interested in the decision making profile of Iranian consumers with information and therefore enable them to construct their marketing attempts accordingly.

Keywords: CSI, Consumer Decision Making Style, Iranian Couples