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Conflicts Of Interest or Wicked Problems? Implications for the Future Trends of Minority Group Voting Behaviour in the Us, Myanmar and Nigeria (Published)

Citizens desire equal representation and the guarantee of their rights and privileges by the elected governments of their nations. However, minority groups are overshadowed by overarching policy processes and actions favouring the racial, ethnic or religious majority groups by which their nations are identified. The paper generally assessed governance in the United States, Myanmar and Nigeria under Trump, Suu Kyi and Buhari respectively. Emphases were on the socio-political characteristics of the nations, the citizens’ expectations and their campaign promises vis-à-vis the post-electoral realities and policies implemented by their administrations. The multi-scalar analyses assessed the role of socialization processes in the leaders’ conflicts of interest, actions and consequently, the future trends of minority group voting behaviour. Findings from two 5-member focus group discussions organized in Nigeria provided the bases for the development of autochthonous strategies to address the ‘wicked problems’ deepening the racial and ethno-religious tensions underlying socio-political relations in the nations. 

Keywords: Conflicts of Interest, Governance, Minority Groups, Moral Leadership, Voting Behaviour, Wicked Problems