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Conflict Level and Teachers’ Productivity: Interrogating the Association in the Context of Public Secondary Schools in Adamawa State, Nigeria (Published)

Conflict level is a potent factor that predicts the dimension of teachers’ productivity in the school system. Teachers’ productivity can be influenced functionally or dysfunctionally, depending on the level at which conflict is operating in a school. Considering the dynamic nature of conflict level therefore, this study investigated the association between conflict level and teachers’ productivity in secondary schools in Adamawa State, Nigeria. The study sampled 1,523 teachers through a purposive sampling technique. A self-structured questionnaire entitled “Conflict Level and Teachers’ Productivity Questionnaire” (CLTPQ) was used to gather information from teachers selected for the study. Data collected were analysed with Pearson Product Moment Correlation Analysis and Multiple Regression Analysis at 0.05 level of significance. A multiple bar chart was used to represent the research question developed in the study. It was discovered that conflict level varies from one secondary school to another. Also, there was a significant relationship between conflict level and teachers’ productivity (r = 0.080; P < 0.05) and that conflict level was found to make a significant relative contribution to teachers’ productivity (ß = -0.162, P < 0.05) in secondary schools. It was recommended that teachers and school administrators should be exposed to trainings in peace and conflict management in order to positively enhance their social relationships for optimum performance in secondary schools. Also, school administrators as well as teachers should strive to ensure that moderate or optimum conflict level is operating in their schools for the attainment of positive outcomes in order to enhance teachers’ productivity.

Keywords: Conflict, Teachers Productivity, conflict level, public secondary school