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The Theology of Eucharistic Sacrament and Occasional Rites in the Liturgy and Spirituality of Anglican Church (Published)

This Paper has examined the Sacrament of Eucharist and Occasional Rites in the liturgy and spirituality of Anglican Church. The work explicated the theology, the administration and the spirituality of Eucharist to the Anglican Church. Occasional rites and homosexuality are also investigated. The objective of the work is to know the spiritual and liturgical implications of Eucharist and the occasional rites to the Anglican Church. The paper, having used exegetical and contextual approaches, discovered that Eucharist is memorial and explicatory in essence; and completely satisfying for the sins of believers in Christ. The work concluded with the recommendation that Anglican Church must not encourage the practice of rites that are unscriptural, abominable and sacrilegious. Hence, same-sex marriage must be eradicated from the church.

Keywords: Anglican Church, Confirmation, Eucharist, Holy Matrimony, Penance