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Organizational Mindfulness and Responsiveness: A Conceptual Review (Published)

The purpose of this paper was to examine the relationship between organizational mindfulness and responsiveness. The paper is designed as a conceptual paper. Its focus was on conceptualizing and identifying the relationship between organizational mindfulness and responsiveness. The paper therefore draws on the arguments and theories presented by previous studies as it affirms that organizational mindfulness is critical to the development of responsive capabilities – conceptual and instrumental responsiveness. In conclusion it was stated that the collective sense of awareness and consciousness applied in the daily functions and activities of the organization go a long way in ensuring that the organization is able to effectively respond and address the changing and growing expectations of its environment. It was thereafter recommended that organizations should on a consistent basis, assess their dispositions and the applicability of their systems and technologies within their various contexts. The applicability of such features determines their effectiveness and also impacts on their responsiveness.


Keywords: Conceptual, Organizational mindfulness, Responsiveness, Threats, instrumental, opportunities

Decision Model for Suspension or Withdrawal of College Students in Taiwan: Constructing a Conceptual Model (Published)

The present study establishes eight hypothesises that had not previously been discussed and also proposes a conceptual model to reveal the black box of Taiwan college students choices related to suspension or withdrawal from school. Based on a literature review, practical data, and hypotheses, the decision model was constructed.

Keywords: College, Conceptual, Decision Model, Suspension, Withdrawal