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Conceptions Relating to Food Education in the Moroccan Textbooks: What Models of Health? (Published)

Food education is a component of health education which plays an important role in the development of citizenship and human resources of a country. Food is present in our daily life and in our curricula. Textbooks are one of the main components in implementing a curriculum and an important step in the didactic transposition. The textbooks editors’s beliefs and values have a direct influence on this transposition. In this framework, we are interested to identify the food education conceptions used in Moroccan school textbooks. Methods: The corpus of this study was composed of 7 text-books. We chose as a tool of investigation a grid elaborated in a common work with all the research teams in the European project Biohead-Citezen. Results: The Health Promotion conception is adopted in the images and the texts in the primary and middle school. Food education is absent in the high school. It is illustrated, mostly by its “Health” conception and rarely by the “Environmental” conception. But we also find the Biomedical Model approach that is represented especially by “Pathology” conception. Discussion: Our results match with those found in the studies interested in health education carried out in the framework of European project Biohead –Citizen. An effective Food Education could produce changes in knowledge, attitudes and beliefs, it’s could facilitate the acquisition of skills, and produce changes in behavior or lifestyles. Is it really contributed to these changes? It remains to verify the changes in students.

Keywords: Biomedical approach., Conception, Didactic transposition, Food Education, Health promotion