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Determination of Level of Accuracy of Energy Modelling Tools for Office Buildings in Jos, Nigeria (Published)

The research undertook a comparative analysis of results obtained from both Real-time energy consumption measurements and computerized energy use simulations. The purpose was to find the level of accuracy/reliability of data obtainable (Test-Out-Theory) thus leading to a greater efficiency of energy planning decision support tools in the context of their utilization in the sub Saharan regions.  eQUEST 3-65 software was used for the purpose of simulation of energy consumption. A 72% cumulative accuracy level was obtained for randomly selected buildings under study. The research therefore recommends that energy performance simulation tools are veritable and viable devices for estimation of potential energy consumption of building at pre and post design stages.

Keywords: Computerized Energy Simulation, Energy Performance, Energy Planning, Sustainability, eQUEST 3-65 software.