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Computer Approach to the Design of Coconut Dehusking Machine (Published)

This research centres on the Design of Coconut dehusking machine using computer Approach. A total of sixty nine parameters form the database. Computer “If statement” was used. The user’s interface was printed. Each variable’s value was selected from the previous calculated results and in turn were inputed to the system programme whilst the corresponding result was displayed. The summary of the result is being tabulated. The major components of the design covered the angle bar, the handle rod, the fasteners, the shaft, the spring and the bushing. Valued parameters include the Areas (mm2), the weight (kg), the thickness (mm), length (mm), the volume (mm3), the Diameter (mm) etc. the beauty of this design is its flexibility, interchangeability and manufacturability. It is compact, easy and simple. This original design can also be manipulated and modified.

Keywords: Coconut Dehusking Machine, Computer, Design

Effective Teaching of English Language Using Communication Package: How Prepared are the Teachers in Ogun State Nigeria (Published)

The poor achievement of students inn English Language has continued to be a major cause for concern to all those in the main stream of education in Nigeria and particularly to stakeholders in Ogun State Nigeria. In spite of the fact that English Language is the language of instruction at all educational levels, teaching and learning of it in schools have continued to suffer setbacks unabated as reflected by students’ poor performances. A number of factors are responsible for students’ poor performance, they include: poor methods of teaching among the teachers of English language, dearth of qualified teachers, inadequate teaching resources, lack of interest on the part of the students, mother tongue interference, poor motivation, poor self-concept, poor study habit among others. Four hundred and twenty (n=420) teachers were randomly selected for the study; in-depth interview guide and questionnaire: (KICTQ r=7.00; AICTG r=7.32; PITSQ r=8.22; PITSQ r- 8.22; IAISAQ r 8.01; GIIUQ r=8.65) were used for data collection while chi-square and t test were used to test the five postulated hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. The study revealed that teachers of English in Ogun State were not significantly equipped to use communication package in teaching English Language and many of them also agreed that there is no significant information on the importance of the use of communication package in the effective teaching and learning of English language and that there is no significant difference in the knowledge and preparedness of both male and female teachers. It was recommended that teachers of English language should be trained and retrained on the application of innovative teaching strategies including communication packages.

Keywords: Communication Package, Computer, English Language, effective teaching.

Perceptions of Teachers on the Use of Computers to Teach Mathematical Hyperbolic Graphs at Grades 10 To 12 (Published)

This study explores the perceptions of teachers on the use computers in the teaching and learning of graphs in Mathematics. A comprehensive review of extant literature showed that there are multiple benefits of using computers in the study of Mathematics. This qualitative study involved the soliciting of research data from participating teachers through use of the interview schedule. 9 teachers integrating computers in teaching were purposively selected from the sampled schools owing to their possession of rich information for the treatise. Findings indicated that learners and teachers enjoy using computers in the teaching and learning of Mathematics. The study recommends that the Ministries of Higher Education and Basic Education collaborate to ensure computers are integrated in all possible subjects, to particularly benefit Mathematics as a subject and that teaching Mathematics using computers be an established culture from early grades.

Keywords: Computer, Hyperbolic Graph, Mathematics, Technology


Pedagogy in the 21st century relies on the use of ICT in achieving objectives of 21st century learning. However, experiential evidence shows that teachers do not use computers in teaching chemistry concepts, even as specifically recommended by the curriculum. Reasons for this are often attributed to absence of computers and ICT facilities in schools, teachers’ lack of necessary skills and poor knowledge of how to use the computer and software packages. There are cases however, where the facilities are available in schools and teachers have basic knowledge and skills needed to use the computer to facilitate the teaching-learning process. Expectation has been that the situation in such schools would be different from the rest of the schools, where the facilities are lacking and teachers do not have the necessary skills. This study set out to investigate the attitude of Nigerian secondary school chemistry teachers towards the use of computer instructional software package in teaching chemistry concepts

Keywords: Computer, Software Package, Teachers’ Attitude, Teaching And Chemical Bonding


The harm arising from cybercrime and technology misuse in our society is on the increase and is rapidly claiming attentions both nationally and internationally. The consequence of a single successful cyber attack can have far-reaching implications which may involve huge financial losses, theft of intellectual property, loss of confidence and trust between sellers and customer which eventually affects the economy of a nation. The purpose of this study is to explore the overall view of what cybercrime connotes and the various means through which they manifest in our society. The paper also analyzed the impacts of these crimes and proposed mitigating measures on how it can be alleviated to the barest level if not utterly eradicated from our society.

Keywords: Computer, Crime, Cyber Crime, Technology Misuse