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Study of Data Processing in Graphical Programming Environment in Lab View Enlarge (Published)

The purpose of this paper is to implement the proposed algorithms and methods for processing data arrays (digital images) using Lab VIEW. Lab VIEW is the most visible and commonly used to solve various engineering computing problems and research problems. Processing digital image is bright enough and a good example of transformation and analysis of measurement data. Digital image transformation is widely used in industrial machine vision systems, measuring video system, application of television systems, broadcast television and so on. Appointment digital conversion of images is to create conditions to improve the image of perception (e.g. , X-ray or ultrasound medical diagnostics), the formation of a certain artistic image (in television), the allocation of informative signs (in image recognition systems, measuring systems, monitoring systems)  and so on . Index pattern used to reduce the volume of images or the use of certain colors. Matrix element is a pointer to the table of colors. The number of colors used is equal to 2K, where K – number of bits of memory used to store the element matrix. The colors are specified in the table can be encoded by different numbers bits. For example, in 256 color modes selectable 256 video adapter’s colors of 262144 possible, as represented in the selected color RGB-format for each color component are encoded by six bits. At all stages of this course project is done processing images in black and white or gray scale format.

Keywords: Binary image, Image Inversion., Lab View Enlarge, computer processing images