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Computer Mediated Communication and Academic Performance of University Students’ in Nigeria (Published)

This study on Computer Mediated Communication and Academic Performance of University Students’ in Nigeria has as its objectives to ascertain the level of exposure, determine the level of dependence, ascertain the level of application and gratification derived from the use of computer mediated communication by University students’ in Nigeria. The research design used for data collection was opinion survey, with questionnaire and personal interviews as research instruments. The population of the study comprised students of Akwa Ibom State University, which is 8,999 (wwwaksu.edu.ng). The sample size of 400 was determined using Taro Yamani’s sample size determination formula. The research adopted two sampling procedures for selecting samples for the study. The data collected from the questionnaire were analysed in simple percentages and the personal interview were analysed qualitatively using explanation building based on the research questions. The study which was anchored on Computer Mediated Communication theory and Technology Determinism theory found out that majority of respondents (61%) agreed that the level of application/dependence on CMC was very little. The study further revealed that respondents perceived the level of application/dependence on CMC to be unsatisfactory. The study further revealed factors affecting CMC implementation in Akwa Ibom State University to include poor quality of internet signals, learners perception of social presence in CMC, lack of data, inadequate computer/laptops in the university and insufficient electricity on campus.


Keywords: : Academic Performance, Akwa Ibom State University, Students, computer-mediated communication, imperatives

Teaching Business English via Computer-Mediated Communication (Published)

When it comes to taking the top management posts in leading multinational corporations, particularly in the USA, there are hardly any CEOs of Chinese origin. Obviously, China lags far behind its neighbor and competitor, India, whose CEOs in US organizations have rapidly increased. So, to catch up, China must focus more on nurturing homegrown talent. In this article I discuss the design of a Business English course for the first year MBA students at Shenzhen University in southern China, which included a series of mobile learning missions through Blackboard (a learning management system). With more computer-mediated communication into the curriculum for English for Specific Purposes, it is expected to help learners to develop the skills they will need in the workplace.

Keywords: Business English, Learning Management System, computer-mediated communication