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Self-learning and Motivation Effectiveness for L2 Learners through Using (CALL) (Published)

This study aims to explore the effectiveness of computer-assisted language learning (CALL) in promoting L2 learners’ self-learning and motivation. The participants of this study are a randomly selected group of L2 learners attending English Language Training Program (EL). Their levels of proficiency range from beginner to advanced in order to ensure that they have had adequate exposure to English. Data were collected by circulating a 22-item survey consisting of two sections. The first section consists of eleven items that aim to identify the role of CALL in promoting participants’ self-learning strategies, whereas the second section consists of eleven items that investigate the extent to which the participants’ motivation has increased/decreased with the impact of CALL. Data were analyzed descriptively by looking at the participants’ responses to the questionnaire in order to pinpoint any potential themes or patterns concerning the impact of CALL on promoting the two independent variables under study. The findings indicated that CALL contributes to increasing L2 learners’ motivation fairly whereas promote their self-learning significantly.

Keywords: Learner Autonomy, Motivation, Self-learning, computer-assisted language learning (CALL)