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Adoption of Logistics Planning Model in evaluating the performance of SPDC-based Logistics firms, Nigeria (Published)

The paper proffers that logistics planning processes are dynamic capabilities because of improvement in logistics competitive capabilities and enhanced disaster immunity. Data from a sample of 230 top/middle managers representing different SPDC-based logistics firms were randomly selected from the Nigerian logistics employees are analyzed using a structural equation modelling methodology. The findings suggest that logistics planning influences financial performance via improvement in logistics, competitive capability and enhanced disaster immunity in SPDC-based Logistics firms. Further, the results indicate that when an SPDC-based Logistics firm employs mindful-planning processes, an essential element within logistics planning, it can avoid the trade-off between risk management and efficiency. Thus, when firms hire logistics planning, they gain a competitive advantage, which improves financial performance. The results indicate that logistics performance is positively impacted by logistics planning strategy and that both logistics performance and logistics planning strategy positively impact marketing performance, which in turn positively impacts financial performance. Both logistics planning strategy and logistics performance were found to affect financial performance directly. As SPDC-based Logistics firms work to improve the logistics processes, they support their organization’s logistics planning strategy, resulting in improved performance for the overall supply chain.

Keywords: Logistics planning, SPDC, Supply Chain, competitive-capabilities, disaster-immunity