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Creating a Compelling Brand for Ghanaian Technical Universities to Attract Qualified Lecturers: Management’s Perspective (Published)

This study aimed at exploring management members’ views on branding Ghanaian technical universities to attract qualified lecturers. The justification for the study stems from the fact that although a considerable amount of organizational branding studies have been conducted, not much has focused on Ghanaian technical universities. A qualitative approach is applied, adopting semi-structured interviews to collect data from seven (N=7) management members of Sunyani Technical University. The study discovered five themes that attract high-quality lecturers to the institutional brand of technical universities. The practical implications of this study are that the findings will assist technical university management and by extension all other higher learning institutions in creating a compelling organizational brand that attracts and retains quality lecturers. This study contributes significantly to the creation of new knowledge in strategic areas that constitute an attractive brand of technical universities to attract and maintain quality lecturers.

Keywords: Ghanaian technical universities, Organizational Culture, compelling brand, qualified lecturers, strategic vision