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A Comparative Study on English Classroom Code-switching (Published)

The international communication deepened. Countries in abroad or at home need bilingual talents and the English classroom need bilingual education. In that process, the code-switching is necessary. However, the code-switching theory ever suffered debates in its advantages and disadvantages. By reading literatures, the author tends to introduce the positive functions. In this paper, chapter one mainly introduces necessaries of the code-switching; chapter two give explanations of definitions of the code-switching and adaptation theory.; chapter three introduces the research methodology; chapter four is a comparison between graduates and postgraduates in application of the CS, and the author give relevant suggestions; chapter five analyzes disadvantages of the whole paper and designs the future study. The meaning of this paper is to find out differences of the CS application between undergraduates and postgraduates. Besides, the author also suggests teachers and students to teach and study better. The author hopes that this paper will be more complete.

Jiao Han (2021) A Comparative Study on English Classroom Code-switching, British Journal of Education, Vol. 9, Issue 11, pp.23-31

Keywords: Code Switching, comparison analysis, graduates and postgraduates