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Investigating Basic and Contradictory Theories Used In Translation (Published)

This study aims at investigating the basic theories of translation that should be used by Saudi Arabia university students, College of Science and Arts AL-Baha University in academic year 2016-2017 during the second semester. The study also aims at disusing these theories, showing the kind of theories, introducing translation theories in details and suggest suitable theory for translation.  Also introduce Linguistic Theories Related to Translation. because Translation theory derives from comparative linguistics, and within linguistics, it is mainly an aspect of semantic; all questions of semantics are related to translation theory. linguistic approach to translation theory incorporates the following concepts: meaning, equivalence, shift, text purpose and analysis, and discourse register. focuses on the theory in general; it is role of communication in exchanging knowledge, science, culture, and the linguistics theory that is related to translation in general. It is history and development. Finally, it focuses on the works that have been done in the area of translation theory. For these purpose, research questions are posed.

Keywords: Linguistics, Theory, comparative linguistics., translation