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Community Management Institutions: A Strategic Approach for Common-Pool Resource Preservation and Tourism Sustainability (Published)

The abundance of common-pool resources on a territory, at zero cost, opens the appetite for egoists to abuse their utilization. Tourism, that is based on the exploitation of local resources, participates in their degradation over time. Hence, the necessity to control the access to these resource, a responsibility allocated usually to local authorities. However, experience has shown that the participation of communities in the management of common-pool resources leads to resource preservation, especially in small communities characterized by a strong social capital. This article aims to suggest community management institutions as an effective strategy to maintain common-pool resources and the well-being of the community, taking into consideration, their ability to create faith in the community what facilitates the internalization of community norms, enhances the self-control and increases the chances for local resources preservation. The effectiveness of common management institutions is illustrated by the case of Faqra in Lebanon.

Keywords: Common-Pool Resource Management, Community Management Institutions, Sustainable Local Development, Tourism