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An Evaluation of Oral Communicative Activities: A Case Study of Life Pre-Intermediate Textbook (Published)

The present study investigated the oral communicative activities provided by Life Pre-intermediate textbook assigned for the students at the preparatory year, University of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It attempted to find out whether these activities are communicative or not. In addition, it attempted to find out whether the Life Pre-intermediate textbook provided a variety of oral communicative activities. Utilizing a content analysis tool, the study has mainly concluded that the oral communicative activities provided by the Life Pre-intermediate textbook are largely not communicative, and to a great extent did not provide a variety of oral communicative activities. Based on the findings of the present study, the researchers recommended avoiding furnishing the communicative activities, provided by Life Pre-intermediate textbook, with extended examples to provide choice, creating information gap in some other activities. I addition, it recommended giving more emphasis to games, problem solving, and information transfer activities.

Keywords: Choice, Feedback, communicative, information gap

A Study on Cadets’ EFL Learning Styles Preferences: The Case of Sylhet Cadet College (Published)

Learners’ learning style preference is one of the vital issues in the EFL (English as a Foreign Language) arena. Different learners learn English differently. But there must be a close proximity between the teachers’s preferred teaching style and the learners’ preferred learning style. The present study was done on 145 senior cadets of Sylhet Cadet College. The situation of English in cadets is no doubt good. But there are still some teaching systems that must be reconsidered and therefore renovated teaching styles based on cadets’ style preference should be introduced. To conduct the survey a questionnaire was followed. The findings show that various cadets belong to various categories of learning style. A brief analysis of the findings is presented. Besides, this paper offers some suggestions for the teachers based on the findings of the survey.

Keywords: Cadets, Group, Individual, auditory, authority- oriented, communicative, deductive, field-dependent, field-independent, inductive, kinesthetic, learning styles, visual