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Information and Communication Technology, Board Attributes and Corporate Performance (Published)

Citation: Sunday Amos, Adeusi , Omoniyi Jacob, Eniola  and  Adeduro Adesola, Ogunmakin  (2022) Information and Communication Technology, Board Attributes and Corporate Performance, International Journal of Management Technology, Vol.9, No 1, pp. 1-25

Effectiveness and efficiency are goal congruences that are primacy to the heart of capital users, to achieve these, information communication and technology (ICT) is in the center of gravity that can enhance these goals. Hence, the study investigates empirically the nexus between ICT investment, board traits and corporate performance. Multivariate regression and panel data regression tools are used to dissect the presumed direct link between the firms’ performance (FP), ICT investment and the moderating influence board attributes. The result shows in three fold findings, firstly, there is adverse linked between firms’ performance and ICT investment, secondly, there are also adverse association between board size (BS), board independent(BI) and  while on the other side, there are positive link between, nonexecutive directors, board gender diversity (BGD), firm size and firms’ performance, lastly, there are significant improvement of the moderating influence of board size, board independent, BGD on the connection between investment in ICT and firms’ performance, while there is adverse effect on firms’ performance when nonexecutive directors interacts the nexus between investment in ICT and firms’ performance. Thus, the study concludes close monitoring of board traits can bring about enhancement of corporate performance when investing in ICT technologies.

Keywords: Communication Technology (ICT)., ICT investment, Information, board attributes, firms’ performance