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Committee System and Governance Structure in the University of Education, Winneba: Insights and Lessons (Published)

University governance and administration have generated much interest in recent times probably due to the reason that good governance does not only lead to higher performance in teaching, research and community service but also influences institutional standing and reputation. University of Education, Winneba has continued to develop a democratic and representative form of governance using ‘the committee system of governance’. Its core values are accountability, transparency and involvement. This paper considers university governance and administration as based on delegating authority through the University Council and Academic Board to Schools or Faculties, Departments and Committees. It argues that University governance is considered as being effective when these levels of governance work together productively using the ‘committee system.’ The paper discusses that although university governance thrives on committees for its image, it argues that committee meetings deplete universities’ primary business of teaching, research and community service depending on how it is managed. It finally recommends that concerted efforts should be made to review University committees to consolidate them and have fewer committees which will report more regularly to the parent bodies to enhance the ‘committee system’ objectives.

Keywords: Committee System, Governance Structure, University of Education