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Auto-Mobile Accident Control and Nigeria Federal Road Safety Corps: A Critical Analysis of the Commercial Drivers’ Experience (Published)

Road traffic accidents lead to death and disability as well as financial cost to both society and the individual involved. The causes of road traffic accidents are not just human error or driver negligence. Unfortunately, Nigerian highways are arguably one of the worst and most dangerous in the world. This paper therefore provides a critical analysis of the commercial drivers’ assessment of auto-mobile accident control and Nigeria Federal Road Safety Corps. A sample of three hundred commercial drivers purposively selected from fifteen motor parks in Abeokuta, Ijebu-Ode and Sagamu, Ogun State took part in this study. A self-developed instrument was used for collection of data. Four research questions were raised and tested. Data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics and Multiple Regression Analysis. Findings revealed that the roles of the FRSC on auto-mobile accident control and management was perceived good by the drivers. Also, the FRSC public enlightenment programme to an extent has enhanced positive attitude among road users, while the total variance accounted for by the FRSC public image on the behaviour of commercial vehicle drivers is 15.1% (R2 = 0.151, F = 4.712, P > .05). This study concluded that road traffic crashes are predictable, could be prevented, and that whatever change we are clamouring for must start from every one of us – drivers, law enforcement agents, and government alike.

Keywords: Commercial drivers, Federal Road Safety Corps, Nigeria, auto-mobile accident control