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Planning Commercial Development in a Rapidly Urbanizing Population (Published)

This research project is an attempt towards outlining the planning of commercial development in the context of a rapidly urbanizing population and the problems and limitations facing such national efforts. A lot of importance is attached to underlining various possibilities and priorities in a well defined management and planning system. This project also looks at development of research and problems of availing information for decision making in the process of planning, management and development of commercial activities. It is envisaged that information and knowledge about planning commercial development and management of commercial activities is significant in the achievement of the national goals of development. The study examined the character of commercial development and patterns of consumer behavior in Kisumu city which is a rapidly expanding settlement. The study also looked at various ways employed by the government to regulate informal trade, identify planning intervention for fixed retail development and finally made policy recommendations for planning commercial development.

Keywords: Commercial Development, Informal Trade, Planning, Street Trading