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The Story of Oedipus in Egyptian Theatre: A Tragedy and a Comedy (Published)

The Oedipus myth more than any Greek legend has inspired several leading Arab playwrights and authors who used the Oedipus myth as a source text for their plays, among which are two prominent Egyptian playwrights and authors: Tawfik Al-Hakim (1898-1987), one of the founders of the modern Arab theatre, and Ali Salem (1936-2015), a realistic comic playwright known for his sarcasm and social criticism. He played an important role in moving the modern Egyptian theatre in a comedic direction. The present paper is an in-depth analysis of the presentation of the Greek myth of Oedipus on the Egyptian theatre. In his play King Oedipus, Tawfik Al-Hakim is concerned with the discord between reality and truth. His aim is to deliver his message that man can become a hero only by his human virtues.On the other hand, Ali Salem’s play The Comedy of Oedipus: You are the One who Killed the Beast is a political satire that depicts the myth of Oedipus from a different perspective. The play departs from the tragic portrayal of the Greek myth of Oedipus. Salem sets his play in the Egyptian rather than the Greek Thebes. He successfully delivers a message about the impact of fear on the freedom of expression in different societies. Salem aims at reviving the belief and pride in man in general within the limits of a human being not a god.

Keywords: Comedy, Egyptian theatre: tragedy, Oedipus

Kobina Sekyi’s The Blinkards and James ENE Henshaw’s Medicine for Love- a Study in the Manner of Comic Production (Published)

This study aims at analysing how Kobina Sekyi and James Ene Henshaw use satire to produce comedy in The Blinkards and Medicine for Love respectively. Since both plays are satires, comedy and satire are defined. This is followed by a discussion of each play, looking at their synopsis, themes, characterisation and style. Finally, there is comparison of the two plays and a conclusion drawn. The conclusion is a reflection that satire is one of the controlling elements in African comedy. The two dramatists have looked at what goes on in the society as a source of motivation to come out with their comic plays. They possess the ability to provoke laughter in the audience and in the end give them pleasure. One can categorically state that The Blinkards and Medicine for Love satisfy the characteristics of comic plays.

Keywords: Comedy, Comic Effect, Dramatic Irony, Invective, Satire