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Effectiveness of Product Packaging on Customer Patronage of Bournvita in Ekiti State (Published)

The study examined the effectiveness of product packaging on customer patronage. Survey method was adopted. Data were collected using structured questionnaire and purposive sampling was used to determine respondents. Sample size of 322 was used. Collected data were analysed using descriptive statistics and hierarchical multiple regression. Constructs tested as explanatory variables were product size, colour, quality of packaging material, quality of product content and shape. The results showed that all the tested variables have significant positive effects on customer patronage of Bournvita. In order of significant, the R2 change, in order of hierarch, for the variables was: product size =.215, quality of packaging material =.058, colour = .049, shape =.044, and quality of product content = .028. It was concluded that customer decision to patronise could be influenced by taken into consideration size, colour, package material, product content and shape of a product. Based on these findings, it is recommended, among others, that producing different sizes of the product should be a continuous practice that firm should undertake. As well, producers should consciously adopt colours suitable and capable of appealing to customer interest and consequently influence their choice of a product by mere sighting of the package colour.

Keywords: Colour, Customer patronage, Packaging, Size, packaging material, quality of product content and shape

Synthesis of Environmental Behaviour Due To Cultural Dynamics in a Locality (Published)

The use of various finishes for building exterior is based on many factors. Some of these factors include the cost of such material, availability and climate compliance to mention a few. However, the use of paint as exterior finish is found to be anchored on cultural factors above every other consideration among the Yoruba people of southwest Nigeria. This paper aims at examining the cultural dynamics that are shaping the value that is placed on paint within a local set up and the underpinning parameters for the preference option. The research was conducted through a survey method that involved the administration of questionnaire on 384 respondents that were randomly selected through a multistage sampling method. Data collected were analysed through SPSS version 15.0 software using descriptive statistics and multiple regression models. The findings suggest that further development of the material will receive a greater patronage by the people.

Keywords: Colour, Culture, Yoruba People., exterior, finishes, paint


This paper discusses the relationship between colour and man. It is assumed that the meaning of life is clear to all of us or that we all share certain assumptions about life in common. However, the same cannot be said of colour, even though we all have the capacity for perceiving colour. Therefore, an attempt is made to provide some insight into the meaning of colour, its various aspects and how we can use it to organize our lives in a meaningful way. The study adopted experimental approach to establish the relationship between man and colour. In addition, the critical and historical examination approach was employed to determine the effect of the experimental treatment. The study revealed that, if the colours in and around man is properly used, heals, restores, retains and maintains relationship.

Keywords: Colour, Eyes, Man, Psycho-Artologist