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The Effectiveness of Training on Time Management Skill Due To Relaxation Techniques upon Stress and Achievement among Mutah University Students (Published)

The study aimed at investigating the effectiveness of a training program on time management skills due to relaxation techniques upon stress and achievement among a sample of students in Mutah University. The subjects of this study were assigned randomly into two groups: an experimental group which consisted of (38) students who received the training program and a control group which consisted of (37) students who did not receive any kind of training. The stress scale and achievement scores were kept for both groups; before and after exposing to the program. To test the hypotheses of the study; means, standard deviations and Analysis of Covariance (MANCOVA) were computed. The results revealed significant differences between the means of the two groups on the total scores of stress in favor of experimental group, which indicated the effectiveness of the training program in reducing the level of stress, while there is no effect for the groups upon achievement. Furthermore, the results show no significant differences in the effect of gender or the interaction between gender and treatment.

Keywords: Achievement, College students, Relaxation., Stress, Time Management

College Students’ Use of Metadiscourse across Two Languages: A Case of College Students at the College of Basic Education, Kuwait (Published)

This study investigates college students’ use of metadiscoursal markers across two languages: Arabic and English. It is a corpus-based study of 25 female college students’ essays of approximately 500 running words from each student. The results reveal that in both languages students have frequently used more interactive resources than interactional resources. It also reveals that there are many differences of the use of metadiscoursal markers between the English and Arabic corpora. The findings of this study suggest some teaching implications which include the incorporation of metadiscoursal markers into the school curriculum at all levels. Teachers should raise the awareness of their students of the typical features of metadiscoursal markers, which are associated with both the English and Arabic languages, so that the students may establish a stronger interaction with their informational content and readers, as well as teachers becoming more sensitive to, and knowledgeable about, metadiscoursal markers and their use in different discourse communities and cultures.

Keywords: College students, Metadiscourse, corpus-based analysis, interactional resources, interactive resources

Influence of College Apartment Culture on Students’ Growth in China (Published)

With the development of times and higher education, apartment culture plays an important role in healthy growth of students. As an important component of campus culture, healthy apartment culture is the driving force of apartment reform, contributing to solidarity and growth of students. Scientific apartment culture satisfies students’ practical and sustainable development.

Keywords: Apartment culture, College students, Culture Education, Student growth