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Factors Affecting Effective Delivery of Technical Skills Practical Lessons in The Colleges of Education in Ghana (Published)

Despite the various interventions to ensure that technical colleges of education graduates are well equipped with the requisite practical skills to be able to train students in the basic concept of technical education and training for the technological advancement of the country, it has not been able to transform most students at the basic level of education. The purpose of this study is mainly to assess factors affecting effective delivery of technical skills practical lessons in selected colleges of education in Ghana. A census of the tutor population of 17 was used for the study. Data was analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics and results presented in tables. The study found that, most of the facilities for practical work were non-existence, students have little experience on practical work, the factors affecting practical work were practical experience of teachers, teaching experience, age, among others. It was evident that, provision of adequate resources, exposing students to the importance of practical work and organization educative field trips to firms could be used to improve the organization of practical work in the colleges of education.

Keywords: College of education, Technical Education, Technical skills, practical lesson

The role of university education in facing cultural penetration in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Published)

The study aimed to identify the role of the College of Education at Yarmouk University in facing the negative challenges of cultural penetration in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan from the point of view of its students. The study sample reached (286) male and female students, and the study reached a number of results, the most important of which was that the dimension related to the curriculum obtained the highest average of (3.65), and some faculty members got the second rank with an average of (3.54), followed immediately after Educational activities got an average of (3.53), and the three dimensions got a large impact score.

Keywords: College of education, Yarmouk University., facing cultural globalization

Using Activity Method to Teach Second Year Diploma Students Selected Topics in Biology: A Case of St. Monica’s College of Education, Mampong (Published)

The purpose of the study was to use the constructivist teaching and learning approach to teach Biology. Four research questions were set to guide the study and the design adopted for the study was a case study. Questionnaire was the instrument used to collect data from one hundred and twenty three students for the study. The research findings helped to conclude that the activity method of teaching Biology helps to improve learning, learning of Biology content had improved and generally the result show that student have positive attitude towards Biology. The result further indicated that activity method of teaching motivates the teacher trainees to learn science.

Keywords: Activity method, Biology, College of education, Science, Students