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The Effect of Entrepreneurship Education Course on the Entrepreneurial Intentions of Federal College of Education, Kontagora Students (Published)

Entrepreneurship education has been introduced into the General Studies of the Minimum Standards of the Nigeria Certificate in Education curriculum as a compulsory course for all students. This action of the curriculum planners is not   unconnected to the recent research findings that link entrepreneurship education to entrepreneurial practice. This study therefore sought to find the effect of an entrepreneurship course on the entrepreneurial intentions of College of Education students who are trained to teach as employees in government and private schools. Data was collected from 105 students enrolled into Science and Vocational Education programme before and after the completion the GSE 224, Entrepreneurship Education in the 2017/2018 academic session. The descriptive statistical tools were used to describe the respondents’ characteristics while the chi-square was used to test the hypotheses. Findings show that the entrepreneurship course has effect on the entrepreneurial intentions of the students. The study recommends that more entrepreneurship Education courses should be included in the curriculum.


Keywords: College of Education students, Entrepreneurship Intention, Entrepreneurship education

The effect of using Twitter in achievement and development trends toward it at the College of Education students at Shaqra University (Published)

Social media technologies and networks have become common tools of communication in today’s society. The increased use of these tool and technologies is largely fueled by the rapid technological advancements in the past few decades, especially the Internet. The rapid technological advancements have in turn contributed to increased globalization through which people from different parts of the world can communicate easily without geographical barriers. Some of the most commonly used social media networks include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. As social media technologies are used for communication, they are also incorporated in the higher education field and have significant impacts (Aifan, 2016). Twitter usage in higher education has increased in the Arab World, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and impacted student achievements. This paper will examine Twitter use in the education of university students in Saudi Arabia and its impact on student achievement.

Keywords: College of Education students, Shaqra University, Twitter, development trends