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Incorporating Collaborative Learning Strategy as Part of an Integrated Approach in Teaching Physics in Secondary Schools (Published)

This study investigated the effects of collaborative, individualistic and demonstration Learning strategies on secondary school Physics Students’ Achievement in Coplanar forces in Port Harcourt Local Government Area. Quasi-experimental, pretest-post-test, non-equivalent design was adopted. The sample size was 155 Senior Secondary Two (SS2) Physics students. The data obtained was analyzed using the mean and standard deviation for the research question and t-test statistics and ANCOVA for testing the null hypotheses (Ho) at 0.05 level of significance. Findings from the study showed that students exposed to collaborative learning strategy had improved academic achievement scores than those in the individualistic or demonstration strategy groups comparatively. The implication is that collaborative learning strategy should be incorporated into the teaching of Physics along with the traditional strategies for enhanced learning outcomes.

Keywords: Collabortive Learning Strategy, Demonstartion Learning Strategy, Individualistic Learning Strategy, Students’ Achievement