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The Supervisors’ Practice of Collaborative Approach in Schools (Published)

This research paper is a part of larger project that examine the current practices of developmental supervision in Saudi Arabia. The focus of this study is to examine the practice of collaborative approach to supervision as one of the favorite approach in supervision. In this explanatory sequential mixed-methods, the data were collected through survey and subsequent semi-structured interviews.  The sample were teachers from elementary schools in Makkah. The findings indicated that supervisors sometimes practiced the collaborative approaches to development supervision.  Gender and years of teaching experience had no impact on participants’ responses regarding the practice of collaborative approach.  Level of education did appear to affect responses about the collaborative approach. In qualitative phase, the themes were organized to three themes and sub themes. The qualitative findings supported the quantitative results, which indicated that the supervisors are to some extent practicing the collaborative approach.

Keywords: Supervision, collaborative approach, developmental supervision