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Exploring EFL Students’ Deficiency in Using Cohesive Devices in Writing Essays (Published)

This study is an approach to investigate how far EFL students at University Level use cohesive devices skilfully in writing their essays  . The important issue addressed in the study is closely related to what extent do students perceive the basic aspects of writing coherent essays as one of the requirements of graduation. The most critical question addressed was: To what extent do students use cohesive devices in the clarity and organization of their essays.? The study adopted an analytical-descriptive method. The students answered questionnaires to check their skills in mastering writing skill. In addition, samples of  essays were examined and analyzed  to evaluate the students’ writing  abilities in using these semantic markers. A number of findings were found out. The most critical finding was that the students did not fully master the basic necessary skills  required  of applying these cohesive markers  appropriately.

Keywords: Coherent, Style, cohesive devices