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Computer Approach to the Design of Coconut Dehusking Machine (Published)

This research centres on the Design of Coconut dehusking machine using computer Approach. A total of sixty nine parameters form the database. Computer “If statement” was used. The user’s interface was printed. Each variable’s value was selected from the previous calculated results and in turn were inputed to the system programme whilst the corresponding result was displayed. The summary of the result is being tabulated. The major components of the design covered the angle bar, the handle rod, the fasteners, the shaft, the spring and the bushing. Valued parameters include the Areas (mm2), the weight (kg), the thickness (mm), length (mm), the volume (mm3), the Diameter (mm) etc. the beauty of this design is its flexibility, interchangeability and manufacturability. It is compact, easy and simple. This original design can also be manipulated and modified.

Keywords: Coconut Dehusking Machine, Computer, Design