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Effect of Drug Abuse on the Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in Nigeria (Published)

This paper examines the effect of drug abuse on academic performance of secondary school students in Nigeria. However, drug abuse is rampant among the teenagers because of their ignorance they do not understand the effect and repercussion of drug addicts. Moreover, many students acquired it through their friend’s influence, experimental curiosity, personal problems due to socio background conditions while many need it for energy to work for long hours. Similarly, some need drugs to prevent the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms e.t.c In addition, students lure to abuse the following drugs such Alcohol, cocaine, Nicotine and Phencyclidine e.t.c but all these drugs have negative effect in the body. For instance, many students find it cumbersome to read and even it kills their moral of reading culture. Consequence, after they have taken the drugs many students behave abnormally while other fall sick bases on their body system even it affects their ability of reasoning   all these problems contributed to their reading culture and many students failed honorably in public examination such WAEC, NECO and other external examinations yearly in Nigeria. Therefore, parents, teachers and Ministry education neither federal and state must contribute positively to reduce uses of the drugs among of teenagers in private and public secondary schools in Nigeria.

Keywords: Academic, Culture, Drug Abuse, Performance, Student, Symptoms, Teenagers, abnormally, cocaine, cumbersome, external. examination, public