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Improving Quality of Kenaf Fibers (Hibiscus Cannabinus L.) on the Posted Coal Mining Point Using Biochar and Planting Mucuna (Published)

Mining techniques undertaken in Borneo generally use open pit mining with back fillings method, causing critical land resulting from the loss of ground cover vegetation, the heavy pressure of the gravitational force on the rainwater that hit direct soil surface, erosion, direct exposure to sunlight and soil compaction caused by heavy equipment use. The objective of this research is to obtain ex-coal mining area that can be used for agricultural land and plantation land by reclamation of coal mine former land with biochar and planting of mucuna LCC species, so that the soil contains good nutrient and soil texture so that the growth process the kenaf plant can grow well. The research was carried out for one years, in the area of coal mining ex-field at PT. Puspa Juwita, Muara Badak, Kutai Kartanegara as a place of planting of kenaf plant by using biochardan mucuna planting is expected to be an alternative which become option because easy, cheap and effective. The design used in this research is Completely Randomized Design in Factorial form where the first factor is biochar and the second factor is mucuna planting. The results showed that the kenaf plant can grow well on post-mining land of coal that has been given biochar and mukuna planting first. From the highest stem diameter and height of the kenaf plant the highest was seen in the B5 treatment (Biochar 100kg) and the lowest in treatment B1 (without treatment)

Keywords: Biochar, Coal Mining Landfill, Kenaf, Mucuna