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Assessing the Efficiency of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coaching on Enhancing Learning English (Published)

NLP is an effective interpersonal communications model that is based on the belief that languages are interconnected with the overall behavioral patterns that are adopted by the power of experience.  The aim of the study was to evaluate the efficacy of NLP for language learning and the investigation of the potential role in learning the English Language as well. The use of the primary and secondary sources and the implementation of the Oxford placement test can be used as the pre and posttest on the experimental group. The findings of the study revealed that NLP helps in the provision of the solutions and techniques to the problems and it allows the teachers to develop their own responses to particular problems. The study affirmed that NLP has the major impact on EFL learning and further research is required for the confirmation of the findings of the innovative study.

Keywords: Classrom, Coaching Effectiveness, English Language Learning, Language Teachers, Neuro-Linguistic Programming