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A Perspective on the Co-Involvement of the Provider and the Recipient in the “Production” of Educational Services (Published)

The way in which the recipient of goods or services can be determined to engage in the production activity (which includes different stages such as design, production, delivery and advertising) is one of the points of interest for marketing researchers. The present study analyses the favourable conditions for this to happen, taking into account factors such as physical and emotional presence, communication or enthusiastic connection to the objectives proposed jointly by the provider and the recipient. The research consists of applying a questionnaire to the educational services sector. Constructs are analysed in terms of their reliability and validity before using linear regression to estimate how the variables are connected one to other. The results indicate that, among the indicators with which co-involvement has significant correlations, the indicator Didactic methods used in the classes influence the teacher-student communication remains significant, therefore it has an explanatory character. The involvement of the provider and the recipient in achieving the same objectives is, in the end, co-involvement, i.e. the pursuit of performance by achieving the proposed objectives. The analysis of the results shows that, by his behaviour, the provider influences the recipient’s decision to get involved or not in co-production.

Keywords: Co-Involvement, communication, interaction