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Difficulties Faced by Tertiary Level EFL Learners in Listening (Published)

Listening comprehension is a prime channel of learning a new language. This study attempts to find out the difficulties faced by the EFL learners correspond to listening skill at the tertiary level education of Bangladesh. The study entitled Difficulties Faced by Tertiary Level EFL Learners in Listening discussed difficulties faced by tertiary level learners in listening comprehension. The aim of the study was to explore the difficulties encountered by the students, resulting from several factors such as listening text, listeners’ factor, speakers’ factor, linguistic feature, failure to concentration and physical setting. To analyze and to find the solution to the problems, the researcher made use of quantitative method. The research was conducted in public and private universities of Bangladesh. The population of this study was BA and MA level students’ in the academic year 2019-2020. The number of population was 60 students from two classes and data were collected through questionnaire. The result of the study shows that listening is very difficult skill for learners who is keen on learning foreign language. Understanding students’ difficulties can motivate and help the teachers to improve effective learning strategies for the students to develop their listening abilities. It also provided potential solutions to the problems. Firstly, the teacher should adapt and improve listening materials. Secondly, students’ need to enrich their vocabulary with correct pronunciation, which will enable them to understand the variety of accents, while practising listening. Thirdly, the authority concerned should establish language laboratory for practising listening. Besides, students should gather background knowledge about the topic. The solutions were made as a suggestion for the teachers, learners, academicians and for the curriculum designer and material developer. The results of the study may also be useful for those who are interested in this study.

Keywords: CLT, Content, EFL listening, difficulties, listeners, physical setting

The Study of Grammar Instruction for Communicative Purpose in High Schools of Vietnam (Published)

A large number of people have wondered how a language could absolutely exist without grammar. Most of them thought that people might communicate with each other by a language without grammar rules or forms. Even after communicative methodology appeared in the 1970s, researchers of grammar had indicated that the grammar should be ignored in teaching language. However, recent studies showed that grammar instruction within communicative contexts could let learners gain high proficiency level, both in accuracy and fluency. Ellis & Celce-Murcia (2002) claimed that learners should be provided authentic discourse samples of the contextually dependent grammatical rules. Florez (1999) emphasized that learners could not speak accurately and fluently without any grammar instruction. Clearly, grammar plays an important role in the progress of language acquisition. In this paper, a report on the application of some ways to teach English grammar for communicative purposes will be fully described. Moreover, the role of grammar instruction in language classroom should be discussed in this paper.

Keywords: CLT, Grammar Instruction, PPP, Task-based, communication, interaction