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Effect of Storage Systems on the Organizational Performance: Study of Holdings within Kisumu City. (Published)

This work is about storage systems and organizations performance. Storage systems be researched by knowing the effect of various storage systems available within the organization. The objective of the research was to ensure efficient storage systems meant for improving the performance of organizations’. To collect data the researchers used questionnaires, oral interviews and observation. The research study analyzed the storage systems considered to be efficiency in activating organization to its effectiveness. Other resources for study include; determining the types of storage system, to determine the indicators of organizational profitability, to determine the relationship between the storage systems and organizational profitability. From the problems identified and conclusions drawn, appropriate recommendations were made and an approach considered looking into the circumstances leading to inefficiency in the organization’s performance and storage systems hence effective solutions be made promptly. The research was carried out as a comparative study two supermarkets in Kisumu City. The researchers analyzed data, listing data sources, sampling procedures, sample frame, sample size, data collection instruments, questionnaire techniques, the person interviewed and how the data was analyzed. The findings contained different storage systems implemented by the supermarket holdings visited, that is; open storage system, closed storage system, random access storage system and automated storage system. The research was therefore concluded by establishing the data; establishing and identifying different storage systems course that the firms should offer and adopt for their organizations in different operations to enable them meet set goals and objectives. Recommendations that firms should adopt the storage systems program to enable their organizations to increase output through efficiency practices.


Keywords: Central Storage System, Closed Storage System, Open Storage System and Automated Storage System, Storage System types